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Tooth Growth and Development


Primary Dentition

The first teeth of a child are called primary teeth. They are also sometimes called 'milk' teeth. In all, there are 20 primary teeth.
When a child is born, the first teeth are already formed in the jaw although they can't be seen.
Between six months old (when a baby gets his first tooth) and three years old, all twenty come through the gums. The two upper front teeth emerge first.

Here's when all the primary teeth come in:

1. Front incisors 6-12 months
2. Side incisors 9-16 months
3. Canines 16-23 months
4. Front molars 13-19 months
5. Back molars 22-33 months
The 20 primary teeth include the following types:
8 incisors
4 canines
8 primary molars

Permanent Dentition

At about six years the first permanent molars come through at the back right behind the last 'milk' molars. These first permanent molars are the most important teeth for the correct development of an adult dentition.

From then until about twelve years old all the primary teeth loosen and come out and the permanent teeth come through in their place.Until 13 years the 28 out of 32 teeth will appear. The last tooth at the back of every side will appear between 17-21 years. That's why they are called wisdom teeth.

The 32 permanent teeth include the following types:

8 incisors
4 canines
8 premolars
12 molars

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